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Combine the basic moves you learned in the technique section to create fun combinations that you can use in any choreography

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Join Tiazza for fun long cardio belly dance workouts and creative ab workouts for lean abs and a strong core to improve your dance practice.

Bellydance technique: beginner, advanced, veil, Saidi, ...

Learn the step by step technique of several moves for beginners and advanced. Also, learn the technique for veil, Saidi, turns, sword dancing, floor work and more

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Enter fun contests to win bellydance items. These contests are open to anyone no matter where you are located in the world and meant to encourage you to further your practice and challenge you

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Learn complete fun choreographies and their combinations step by step. Then, dance with Tiazza to fun songs from Modern Egyptian and Lebanese styles to powerful drum solos, veil dances and more.

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Are you thinking about buying a new album or a DVD and not sure if you will like it or be worth your money? Check out this section for reviews first.

Belly Talk: when does belly dance fusion go too far?

Fusion is a beautiful part of belly dance practice and even if you classify yourself as a "traditional" belly dancer, I am sure you enjoy how this beautiful art could be interpreted in different ways for a larger audience.

But many belly dancers feel outraged when they see a performance that "should" not in their opinion be classified as belly dancing.

So when does fusion go too far?

Comment on the video and share your opinion!

Belly Talk: belly dance stage names

When I moved to the US years ago and started becoming part of the belly dance scene, I was often asked what my real name is because everyone assumed Tiazza was my stage name! So I had to try and figure what that really meant here and where it came from ... etc

Let's chat about this idea of stage names in the belly dance world.

Belly Talk: how to make your feet look more elegant belly dancing

Question: whenever I watch myself dancing in videos, I hate how my feet look. How do I make my feet look more elegant while dancing?

Watch the video for the answer. this is just my take on it. post a comment with your take and what you do to make your feet look more elegant belly dancing.



How to not look stiff belly dancing

This is a question that comes up a lot and I went over it in the past but let's talk about it again as I keep getting lots of questions about it and hopefully you will find this video helpful.

Any questions or other suggestions to help your fellow dancers, please post a comment.

Hugs & shimmies


Belly Talk: the idea of belly dance sisterhood

The idea of sisterhood in the belly dance community has been talked about a lot. Usually the word is used as if it's a given concept among belly dancers. But how common it really is? is it a Western concept? How do Arabs think of the idea of sisterhood? ...

I chat about these concepts in this video:)

Please comment and let me know what you think.

Hugs & shimmies.


DVD Review: Bellydance Instructivo by Saidi and Mario Kirlis

I recently did a review for another drum solo DVD by Issam Houchan and mentioned how disapointing it was and I mentioned that a better investment would be to buy this DVD by Saida and Mario Kirlis.

So here is what I think of it and if you would like to purchase it on Amazon, here is the link.

Buy it on Amazon

DVD Review: Introduction To Middle Eastern Rhythms by Issam Houchan

Should you get this DVD? Is it useful for you? watch the video to see what I think and please share your opinion if you ahve watched this DVD in the past. what do you think about it?

I will keep the details in the video but to find this DVD and get more official information on this DVD, check out this link:

Belly Talk: Belly dancing for the wrong reasons

Dancing for the wrong reasons ... Hmm, do we all do it without being quite aware? Let's see. A bit of thinking is required here

But we all know someone who dances or started dancing for the wrong reason. Is it OK to start this way and fall in love and continue dancing? or is it always a bad idea to start danicng for any other reason but the love of dance?

Thoughts? Share them below.

Hugs and shimmies