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Sword belly dancing: entrance and finish ideas

The sword performance entrance is one of the highlights not just of the sword dance itself but of your entire performance. The audience is always excited and intrigued when the sword is introduced so the way you introduce it as important as the performance if not more important.

The audience always remembers 2 things about any performance: the entrance and the finish! When it comes to a prop like the sword, the entrance and finish are much more exciting and memorable because this is by far one of the most fun props to use for the dancer and the audience.

Here are some entrance and finish ideas for you. Good luck!



Sword belly dancing: Moria's split

Moria is one lovely and talented belly dancer. Her signature moves are breath taking and very inspiring. I try to borrow them whenever I feel like they would work for other moves I like doing.

One of her signature moves is what I like to call "Moria's split". She does the same I am demonstrating here all the way down until it is a complete split. There is no need to do the full split here but I like the way she does it while her head is up and looking at the audience. I felt like this move would be great with the sword.

check it out ...

Sword belly dancing: balancing the sword on your hips

This is by far my favorite way to balance the sword: on the hip!

The audience seems to love it as well and it creates that silent moment when everyone is focusing and waiting for the sword to drop :) But of course with practice and focus, it never did for me.

This move really requires slowing down! You cannot move even at medium speed and expect it to work.

Watch the video for the tricks and tips, practice and as always ... Good luck!

Sword belly dancing: balancing the sword on your chest

You can balance the sword on so many different parts of your body. Just be brave and be creative and take a chance! Not on stage of course :) Make sure you always practice the balance tips and tricks at home or in your studio first.

Have fun with this one even if you are flat chested. give it a try!

Good luck!

Giveaway winner announced: Shakira's DVD "En vivo deste Paris"

The contest was announced here earlier and this is a Facebook share contest!

Thank you to those who joined Facebook just for this contest! You guys are sweet.

The winner is: Jessica Amrhein


Please email your mailing address to: and your DVD will be mailed to you.

Stay tuned for the next contest

Vlog: Don't do any dance move that does not feel natural

Many new belly dance students feel that the moves they are doing do not feel "natural"! That is definitely a "normal" feeling because you are learning something new.

However, after you have mastered some of the basic moves, this feeling should not be "normal" anymore. So what to do when the feeling hits? continue to try learning? give up? try something else ? ....

let's talk ...

Belly dance arms and hands: the sunset arms

Sunrise arms, sunrise Egyptian arms, reverse sunrise arms, .... so many names, right?

Well, now the question I got is this: what are "sunset arms"?

Let's see.... you have to watch the video :)

Belly dance arms and hands: sweeping hands

Another questions I received lately about arms and hands is about sweeping hands.

What are sweeping hands?

Check the video for the answer.