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Michaela Sladeckova - Photos by Stanislav Honzik

Stanislav Honzik is a freelance photographer based in Prague, Czech Republic

He took these stunning photos of Michaela Sladeckova, a Tribal fusion belly dancers with an amazing Talent. If you have never seen her dnace, check her out on You Tube and visit the photographer's website abive for more magical shots

Photos by Studio X Photography

Studio X was invited to capture some of the tastiest burlesque in town. This show was Amazingly beautiful and quite titillating!

Here are of some of his beautiful shots from the amazing show! Enjoy

Aisa Lafour is an award winning professional bellydancer, instructor and event organiser. Since 2006 Aisa is a diplomated teacher of dance in general, and specialized in Oriental bellydance and Latin/Brazilian dances. 

She is a sought after bellydance artist, known for her sensual elegance, emotion transmission through movement, strong technique and her relation to the music and the public. 

In 2008 Aisa was the nr 1 winner of the contest Bellydancer of the world 2008 organized by Leyla Jouvana. Nowadays she is a judge in Bellydancer of the world contest and many other international contests. She and Shahrazad organized a big theatre show Cosmic Bellydance show. She was a member of the Baladi dancegroup by Mahdy Emara. Aisa was part of the starcast (solo and chorus) of Jillina's successful Bellydance Evolution show in 2009 and 2010, with whom she toured in the US, Europe and Morocco. 




Mike Godlieb, Make up: Make U Up Karen, Costumes: Aisa Lafour/ Elena Shuvalova, Styling assistens: Hajar Kh

Persephone Dance Co. is an Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) belly dance troupe rooted in American Tribal Style® (ATS®), as developed over 20 years by San Francisco based Carolena Nericcio, Director of FatChanceBellyDance®. Firmly grounded in ATS®, we draw upon the rich and varied vocabulary of many dance forms and our own special connection as sisters-in-dance to create the unique experience that is Persephone Dance Company.

Persephone Dance Company was formed in 2009 by Natalia Chang, Stefanie Kelly, Shawn Ryan, and Casey Cleve when their former Tribal Moon troupe director, Kathy Stahlman, moved to Oregon, taking the Tribal Moon name with her. Persephone Dance Co. was honored to have the talented drummer Ray Dowler of Masala Imports continue drumming for them. He has appeared regularly in performance with them throughout the years and will continue to do so as long as he is able. PCD loves Ray!

Sofia - Dance & Beauty is a high quality brand in belly dance costumes. Classy & modern designs are handmade with traditional knowledge.

This belly dance costume collection features elegant modern designs, unique bra frames and each costume is custom made. Colour schemes and designs can be mixed and matched according to your own taste.

For prices, questions and requests feel free to e-mail the designer at:

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