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Belly dance rhythms: rhythm Maqsoum combination 3

And here the third Maqsoum combination ... 

If you still need to get familiar with this rhythm, check out these previous videos:

Also, see the previous combination #1 and  2 below

Belly dance rhythms: rhythm Maqsoum combination 2

And here the second Maqsoum combination ... 

If you still need to get familiar with this rhythm, check out these previous videos:

Also, see the previous combination #1 below

Belly dance rhythms: rhythm Maqsoum combination 1

 First Maqsoum combination ... here it is.

If you still need to get familiar with this rhythm, check out these previous videos:

Belly dance rhythms: basic moves with rhythm Maqsoum

 We have introduced the sound of Rhythm Maqsoom and now it's time to see what moves you already know that you can easily use with it. You basic kicks, drops ... etc

Watch the video, it's short and a simple quick overview. The next videos will introduce you to complete step by step combinations  

And if you missed the previous video where we introduced the Rhythm Maqsoom, here it is again below

Belly dance rhythms: introducing rhythm Maqsoum

So the first rhythm would be Maqsoum. 

Watch the video below to ear how it sounds and I will be showing you how you can easily use the basic moves you know with this rhythm and introduce to some combinations to give you ideas for your own creation of interesting combos for it. 


Belly dance rhythms: rhythm variations

Before we start covering each rhythm, it is important a little details that tends to throw off a lot of dancers: the fact that each rhythm has varieties.

The variety is caused by the fact that the speed changes and other instruments get involved . We are usually used to the tabla only when we practice rhythms but sometimes there is more than one instrument.

Belly dance rhythms: The Dum and the Tek

Rhythm in Arabic music is organized into cycles of beats and pauses. These rhythmic modes are known as iqa'at in many Arabic countries, but there are other names for this concept. In Egyptian music they are called durub. In North-Western Africa they are called mazim. In Turkish music rhythmic modes are known as usul and in Iran they are called darb. Each cycle consists of a fixed number of metric pulses (which vary between 3 to 48 or more), including a hierarchy of strong beats, weak beats, and silent beats that define a groove. In performance some of the rests or silent beats may be filled in, but the underlying feel is maintained.

New video series: Belly dance Rhythms and Rhythm ID iPhone APP

We are officially going to start this video series all about belly dance Rhythms! 

So get ready by listening to the rhythms and getting used to them and getting used to being able to recognizing them. This is no easy task by the way so focus on the most common and popular rhythms at this point. 

Watch this video to see what you need to know to follow me through these upcoming videos ...

One easy way to do this is of course to have these rhythms handy and this iPhone app will blow your mind. It will make this task so easy and will help you tremendously. It is called Rhthms ID. Download it as soon as you can on iTunes 

>>> Download the Rhythm ID App on iTunes

Here are some screen shots to show you what you will be getting!