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Belly Talk: Why I can't stand white belly dancers?!

Recently, an article was published on with quite the controversial title "Why I can't stand white bellydancers" and a follow up article after the backlash the writer received called "I still can't stand white bellydancers"

The articles are written by Randa Jarrar.

What do you think about Randa's article and response?

Comment below!

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Advanced belly dance arms combination (with strong shoulders and piston hip drops)

 I love this combo but you could easily make it look bad! So be careful and make sure you do it with a lot of control to make it look elegant. This is a good combo for strong drum beats especially in tribal style but also great for a modern drum solo. Give it a try and hope it would be a fun addition to your workouts, practice sessions an d choreographies

Hugs and shimmies
Tiazza :)

Advanced belly dance arm combination (with hip circle shimmies and kicks)

This combination might seem a bit tricky but give it a try and repeat few times before you can make the final decision as to whether you need to advance in your practice before you try it again. The moves themselves are simple. The trick is in combining ... Watch the video to see what I mean :)

Good luck!

Boutique TIAZZA: Charity boutique coming soon ...

Since I opened the website for all of you who need a platform to sell their craft to support you and the Malala Fund by helping cover the shipping costs as my donation, the response has been overwhelming. I received so many lovely sample gifts! Many of you are donating all the proceeds to the Malala Fund. I have also heard from others that you would like to see other charities being supported as well. I love supporting a lot of charities but there are few that are dear to my heart and for a reason ...

The next step is to offer a platform to facilitate this process and it will be a Charity Boutique online! Stay tuned .... Thank you for all the support. You guys make me do amazing things :)

Hugs & shimmies!


Advanced belly dance arms combination (with half circle, step through, hip kicks and chest shimmies)

And yet another combo! With advanced arms and moves of course ...

We are adding the following moves this time:

- Half arm circle
- Step through
- Finish with chest shimmies

Let's see how this is all put together first, then I will break it down for you step by step

Advanced belly dance arms combination (with sweeping legs, snake arms, turns and shimmies!)

 Here is another advanced arms combination. This time we are adding:

- sweeping legs
- snake arms
- turns and
- shimmies

Well let's get to it! These are a lot of moves and that's why I am calling this combo an advanced one but of course anyone at any level could attempt it. Good luck!

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