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Combine the basic moves you learned in the technique section to create fun combinations that you can use in any choreography

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Join Tiazza for fun long cardio belly dance workouts and creative ab workouts for lean abs and a strong core to improve your dance practice.

Bellydance technique: beginner, advanced, veil, Saidi, ...

Learn the step by step technique of several moves for beginners and advanced. Also, learn the technique for veil, Saidi, turns, sword dancing, floor work and more

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Enter fun contests to win bellydance items. These contests are open to anyone no matter where you are located in the world and meant to encourage you to further your practice and challenge you

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Learn complete fun choreographies and their combinations step by step. Then, dance with Tiazza to fun songs from Modern Egyptian and Lebanese styles to powerful drum solos, veil dances and more.

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Are you thinking about buying a new album or a DVD and not sure if you will like it or be worth your money? Check out this section for reviews first.

Veil belly dancing: side figure eights and figure eight circles

This is a very basic move and all beginner veil dancers would be able to do it easily but I just don't think I covered it in my previous veil video series.

Have fun ...

Hugs & shimmies

Side figure eights

Side figure eight circles

Veil belly dancing: the front circle

These are some new veil ideas. We will not spend too much time on these but they have been on my mind after I did the veil series and it's about time to cover them and move on to a new series.It will be all about rhythms!


Front circles

Side figure eights

Side figure eight circles

Fairy Cove Silks: best belly dance silk veils!

If you are in the market for new silk veils for yourself or your troupe, I highly recommend the veils from Fairy Cove. Great quality veils that are actually not "hippy" like :) These don't look like tie dye prints but quite a nice and beautiful flow of different colors.

Check out this video to see how they flow and check out the Fairy Cove website for more product details. They carry not just veils but also fan veils and big wings!

Veil belly dancing: finger flutters

I will be posting just few veil videos to cover few tips I have not covered in the last veil video serioes I did. So this won't take long but I hope you find them helpful.

Make sure to check out these links if you are interested in more veil videos:

Looking for a good source for a silk veil?

check out Fairy Cove Silks

Belly Talk: help me create the next choreography with your favorite combinations

Hi all!

As I get back into recording new videos, I would love our next choreography to be a collaborative project between you and me. YES!

I would love to get your input on your favorite combinations or moves that you would like to see used in our next choreography.

Post a comment on the video with your suggestions and we'll see what we could come up with

Hugs & shimmies ...


Vlog: where have I been and what's next for

It has been awhile since I last recorded a video! I know ... I am back and ready for some exciting new video series and new workouts and choreographies and would love to get your suggestions.

Have a listen and let me know what you think..

Have a lovely day!

Hugs & shimmies

My belly dance story by Nadya Sabina

by Nadya Sabina  

I grew up in a small village in Sweden and my life was great until I started school. It took only one day and then most of the other girls in my class started to bully me. Since it's a small village most of the other girls were related to each other, but my family had moved there 5 years prior to me starting school and therefor I didn't really have that much backup.  I did get a few friends, but most were in different classes than mine.  

 Flashing forward a few years, I had terrible self-esteem and self-confidence. I had anorexia and was scared of meeting other people because of what they might think of me and how I look. But then I found a couple of videos  online of bellydancers and was amazed by what they can do with their bodies and that was the beginning of something that would change my entire life and how I view myself.

   I started dancing on my own in the comfort of my home with the guidance of online video classes, but then I saw an ad in a paper about local bellydance classes. I was reluctant at first since I was afraid to let other people see me and talking to strangers was not something I was comfortable with at the time. But then I thought of how much I really wanted to learn this art so I applied and it was the best decision I have ever made! I came out a braver person, more comfortable with talking to strangers, I have no eating disorder left and now  I have a career doing what I love the most: bellydancing!  

Belly Diet: Moroccan lentil soup

Here is another recipe from Recettes de Mamans in 3 languages: Arabic, French and English.

I am loving this simple You Tube channel which I encourage you to subscribe to. This is a great way to learn new recipes and learn a different language. Leila who creates these simple yet to the point videos is determined to start posting healthy recipe videos only so we have some awesome ethnic healthy recipes to look forward to

Lentils are by far my favorite source of fiber and protein. I eat lentils regularly and could eat them for days! It's a great way to stay full, get plenty of nutrients and keep that belly dancer's belly bloat free :)


Recipe details here >>>

Here is the recipe video ...