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Tarkan's albums' giveaway - winners announced!

Thank you to all of you who posted a comment. Thank you for sharing your love!  Glad you enjoyed the latest Tarkan workout I posted.

The 3 winners of this giveaway are:

  • Rihla Namid
  • Kelli Nottingham
  • Maya Pell

Please send an email to for directions on how to get your 3 FREE albums!

These are the albums you will win 

Tarkan's 3 albums giveaway: Dudu, Metamorfoz and Adımı Kalbine Yaz

Since I just posted a new Tarkan workout, how about a giveaway!

Here is what you need to do to win:

Post a comment on the workout step by step combinations video below!

That's all! So maybe let me know what videos you would like to see next and what you would like to learn

Deadline: October 25, 2015

3 winners will be randomly picked and will get all Tarkan's latest 3 albums

Good luck!

These are the albums you will win 

Tarkan's Adimi Kalbine Yaz belly dance workout

Tarkan is one of my absolute favorite singers in the entire world and I could honestly dance to his music forever! He is one of those signers who seriously does not have a single track I do not like and the only singer I own every single CD and single he's ever wrote, produced, sang and published! You can say I am a true fan :)

This workout is to one of his latest CDs "Adimi Kalbine Yaz", a great mix of slow and fast songs that makes for a great workout with nice sweaty fast sections followed by great slow recovery songs and this is what this 30 min workout feels and looks like.

Hope you enjoy it.

You can get more information on this album and purchase it online here

>>> Tarkan's album: Adimi Kalbine Yaz 

The complete workout with music 

Step by step combinations and basic workout moves 

Belly dance Berber fusion - Zaama Zaama by Takfarinas

This one of my old performances I was able to dig from old archives. I absolutely adore this song and this singer. Growing in Morocco, this song Zaama Zaama was a huge hit during my high school years. I am basically just fooling around on stage with the beats :)

You can find the song on Takfarinas' album here

Belly dance drum solo performance

An old performance from one of my old favorite shows. I have been requested to post some performance videos and I am finding some old videos to post. My current performances are all private so it is hard to publish videos from private parties but I will be posting some old videos from stage performances. Stay tuned ...

Hugs & shimmies

Belly dance Modern Lebanese belly dance performance - Ana Yalli Bahebak by Nancy Ajram

This is a video of my old performances I found!

This was probably 2010? Maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I love this song!

This is a Lebanese song by Nancy Ajram: Ana Yalli Bahebak

Belly Talk: when does belly dance fusion go too far?

Fusion is a beautiful part of belly dance practice and even if you classify yourself as a "traditional" belly dancer, I am sure you enjoy how this beautiful art could be interpreted in different ways for a larger audience.

But many belly dancers feel outraged when they see a performance that "should" not in their opinion be classified as belly dancing.

So when does fusion go too far?

Comment on the video and share your opinion!

Belly Talk: belly dance stage names

When I moved to the US years ago and started becoming part of the belly dance scene, I was often asked what my real name is because everyone assumed Tiazza was my stage name! So I had to try and figure what that really meant here and where it came from ... etc

Let's chat about this idea of stage names in the belly dance world.