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Combine the basic moves you learned in the technique section to create fun combinations that you can use in any choreography

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Join Tiazza for fun long cardio belly dance workouts and creative ab workouts for lean abs and a strong core to improve your dance practice.

Bellydance technique: beginner, advanced, veil, Saidi, ...

Learn the step by step technique of several moves for beginners and advanced. Also, learn the technique for veil, Saidi, turns, sword dancing, floor work and more

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Enter fun contests to win bellydance items. These contests are open to anyone no matter where you are located in the world and meant to encourage you to further your practice and challenge you

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Learn complete fun choreographies and their combinations step by step. Then, dance with Tiazza to fun songs from Modern Egyptian and Lebanese styles to powerful drum solos, veil dances and more.

Reviews: CDs, DVDs and more

Are you thinking about buying a new album or a DVD and not sure if you will like it or be worth your money? Check out this section for reviews first.

Harem pants for belly dance and street style


I am loving harem pants and I am sure you would to :) They have become my ultimate comfort pants for dance practice, street style and even for a night out 

Harem pants are the ultimate slouchy pants. If you need comfort especially for movement and dance, they are perfect!

Known mostly in the Middle East as the "MEN" pants, they made their way to the Western fashion world as a the Bohemian chic must have wardrobe item.

Here are some ideas of how they are worn street style and some fun one to shop for on Amazon.

Instagram contest: win Sadie's drum solo secrets DVD #freebellydanceclasses

How to win:

Watch the video below for all the details on how to win!

- Follow Tiazza on Instagram @Tiazza

- Share a photo of your favorite belly dance item. It could be anything from your favorite song to your favorite sword or even your favorite online teacher :)

- Make sure to hashtag #freebellydanceclasses on your photo

That's it.

The winner will be picked randomly. You will win Sadie's drum solo secrets DVD

Deadline: October 28, 2014

Good luck!


For more details on this DVD, check out the Amazon listing here

Learn to belly dance: warm-up shimmy drills

 One of my favorite ways to warm up before practice is shimmies! You can easily get your heart rate up and practice your basic technique at the same time. So here I put a few different types of shimmies together in a routine that could be a great warm up routine especially for the intermediate and advanced dancer.

Hope you like it!

Cheers! Tiazza

What do men think about belly dancing and belly dancers

Let's hope to her from men on this one. Guys, comment on the video and speak your mind :)

What do men truly think of belly dancing and belly dancers. We hear all kinds of opinions out there from "admiring the art form" to " cheap strippers"!

Honestly, what do you guys think? And why?

Belly Talk: the business of belly dance

 So many emailed me regarding this topic and it's a difficult one to address in one email because there are so many aspects and directions .... So let's start the conversation but we will be talking more about the business side of this art form. In fact I am planning on doing a whole new video series someday soon :)

For now, let's address the different aspects of taking the art of belly dancing to the "job" level.

Please post your comments with questions so we could continue the discussion

Thank you!


Leopard print belly dance hip scarf

I have been looking for one of these in a  very long time! And guess what? As soon as I opened my charity boutique online, someone donated 8 of these! How awesome is that? So of course I paid for one :) Now the rest are up for grabs on the website

As you all know, all the proceeds are donated, so thank you for donating!

How to do the Rachel Brice back bend

 Oh the famous Rachel Brice's back bend! Don't we all want to do it? I know I do :) I was pretty good at it few years ago before I injured my back and I would advise you to be very careful if you want to learn with an injured back

There is a technique to it and I am going to do my best in this video to walk you through it. So let's see how I do :)

Good luck!

Suppressing creativity in dance

White listening to one of my favorite TED talks about creativity, I could not help but reflect on the concept of creativity and how suppressing it in our society touches many aspects of our lives including dance.

Dance as we all dancers or aspiring dancers know is a creativity outlet. A way to be less "in our heads" so to speak which is a problem the modern citizen of the developed world suffers from. Movement in general gives us the opportunity to suppress the constant tinkling which leads to constant fear and thus inaction at the end of the day.

However, as we try to categorize so many things in the world including dance, we do not allow the process of creativity to be complete. We name the dance styles some bizarre names: Modern, classical, Authentic, fusion ,... and in doing this, we encourage dancers to stay within the box, use whatever tools are "allowed" in this box and color our world with very few colors available to us.

This is to me the exact opposite of creativity. If I can only use so many moves to stay within the "style" of dance I have to definite myself with, then how is this process creative? I believe every dancer must ask this question all the time.

A fun story I heard from an educator who was criticizing the education system and how it limits kids creativity went something like this:

- Teacher: what are you drawing?
- Kid: God
- Teacher: But no one knows what God looks like?
- Kid: they will in a minute!

This goes to demonstrate the unlimited power we have in refining what the world outside of us is, what we are in this world and what we are capable of doing and how we are capable of empowering others and changing the world around us. We are born creative, humans are creative by nature. We just become less creative as society corrupts us slowly as we grow up.

Dance is just another thing we do in life that reflects this deeply!

I saw break the walls, use colors you were afraid of, heck, create colors that never existed, mix those colors and come up with a new color, express yourself in the most un-categorized way possible and if someone said "you are a bad dancer" because you can't fit in this or that category, then smile, give them the finger and continue to dance ...

Cheers to bringing back creativity to the dance world.

Hugs & Shimmies