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Belly dance arms and hands: a little tip

We are focusing on arms and hands again and for a good reason ... Arms and hands make or break a move!

Sometimes, the smallest mistakes make a huge impact on the overall look of the move. So here is a little tip that hopefully could make a difference for you

watch the video ...

Handmade Hamza Fatima silver bracelet

This website has always been a free source for all students around the world. As you know, anyone could advertise for free on this site. The goal is to help small businesses, single moms, college students ...

In this spirit, I am open to posting beautiful belly dance items that are created by YOU! So whenever an artist needs my support, I will always be there to help you.

Here is the current featured item:

Hamsa silver bracelets Made by Monica Mccollum

Monica is a local artist from Ashland, OR. She is a student at Southern Oregon University and a single om of 2 lovely boys. She works as a waitress part time and makes some beautiful simple jewelry with a great ethnic touch.

I purchased this bracelet from her in the beginning of the summer and it's been one of my favorite bracelets to wear this summer!

If you would like to order one, please follow the Pay Pal link below. Once your order is placed and the bracelet is made, it will be shipped directly to you!

                                                        Thank you for helping Monica!

Belly dance arms and hands: a common mistake

When it comes at arms and hands, some of the smallest movements could produce the most beautiful effect. However it is common to see these subtle movements make a huge difference in how the overall look of the dancer is.

Here is a common small mistake that could make a big difference

Watch the video to see what I am talking about :)

Good luck!


Belly dance arms and hands: the back wave

I have posted many videos in a series I called "arms and hands" and since then I have erecived many questions that I decided to address in a new series of videos about arms and hands again.

Most of you did not just want to learn the basic hand and arm movements, you wanted to know how to use them in combos and with other hip moves you already know which is smart of course.

So here are some combos I am going to be sharing with you in the next videos.

Let's start with the back wave ....

Belly dance combination: traveling hip circles with piston drops

It has been awhile I did not post a new combo as I have been focusing on the  specialty aspects of belly dancing: arms, hands, floor, sword, fan veils ... etc.

I feel like it's time to explore some more combos, so get ready for some more combos ...

Have fun!

Said Mrad giveaway! Win the complete album collection

Hi everyone,

If you have not read the interview with Said Mrad, you must check it out here

I love Said Mrad's music and I am sure you will too :) So here is our next contest! 

You can win Said Mrad's collection of 6 CDs seen here. Said actually has 7 albums one but one is a collection of his best songs. So I figured if I give you all the 6 albums you won't need the 7th :)

Here are the rules of the contest:

- Subscribe to the You Tube channel 

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- Share this photo posted on the Facebook page wall. Click on the photo below to see it on Facebook and make sure you SHARE it!!!!

The winner will be picked randomly. The winner will be one of the people that shared the photo! 

Deadline: August 14, 2014


Sword belly dancing: the most common mistakes

After we have covered so many aspects of sword belly dancing, it is time to answer some of the most common questions I received during this series.

Here are what I think the most common mistakes students make when learning sword belly dancing.

Hope this would help!

Good luck!

Sword belly dancing - big hip circles with a balanced sword

We have done several videos in the sword series. Make sure to check out all the videos there if you have not yet.

>>> Belly dancing with swords video series

Here is another move we have not covered in this series. Doing the big hip circles with the sword balanced on your heard!

Check it out! Good luck