Bellydance combinations

Combine the basic moves you learned in the technique section to create fun combinations that you can use in any choreography

Fun workouts: cardio bellydance, ab workouts and more

Join Tiazza for fun long cardio belly dance workouts and creative ab workouts for lean abs and a strong core to improve your dance practice.

Bellydance technique: beginner, advanced, veil, Saidi, ...

Learn the step by step technique of several moves for beginners and advanced. Also, learn the technique for veil, Saidi, turns, sword dancing, floor work and more

Fun contests ... win prizes!

Enter fun contests to win bellydance items. These contests are open to anyone no matter where you are located in the world and meant to encourage you to further your practice and challenge you

Fun choreographies

Learn complete fun choreographies and their combinations step by step. Then, dance with Tiazza to fun songs from Modern Egyptian and Lebanese styles to powerful drum solos, veil dances and more.

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Are you thinking about buying a new album or a DVD and not sure if you will like it or be worth your money? Check out this section for reviews first.

Belly Talk - Free style versus choreography


 We all love it and yet dread it at the same time! Choreography ...

A necessary tool to learn that could feel a bit limiting at times but a life saver at times. But is choreography that bad? is it always better than free style? What do you think? Here is what I think ...

Advanced belly dance arms: framing hip drops

OK let's get ready for some advanced arm moves now!

Make sure to check out the basic arm moves if you are a beginner but you could always attempt advanced versions if you are a fast learner.

So let's start with this video trying to frame hip drops with descending arms and there will be more advanced arm videos coming soon... Stay tuned

Belly talk: How much to charge for a belly dance class?

 I got this question few times in the past and since our site a free source of classes, I did not address it but I keep getting more and more questions from belly dance instructors so I am going to start addressing few issues related to teaching the art of belly dancing from a teacher's perspective as well instead of simply focusing on students.

So one of the common questions is about how much to charge for belly dance classes and workshops.

Belly talk: If curvy is sexy, would skinny be ugly?

Too often we hear these days that curvy is sexy and in which is totally awesome but we got to the point where we talk about it as if skinny is not as sexy or we look down on women with smaller frames.

Is skinny ugly now that curvy is in?

Instagram contest winner: Hamsa silver bracelet

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Hugs & shimmies!


Advanced belly dance arms: sliding arms with the choo choo shimmy

 Alright! Time to step it up ...

Here is a more advanced arm combination with the choo choo shimmy. So make sure you know how to do the Choo Choo shimmy first, then add the arms .

See some videos below to learn the Choo Choo . Good luck!

Belly dance arms and hands: the dove

 It is time to step it up and make some of those hand and arm moves a bit more advanced. Take on the challenge even if you are a beginner. You never know

Here is one that could require some isolation and focus to perfect but eventually it's worth it :)

The Dove!

Check out the video to see how it's done. Good luck!

My bellydance story ... By Elizabeth

Written by Elizabeth ...

"I had always been a "chubby" teen and somewhat of a tomboy.  I really wanted ti do something about my fitness, but the idea of doing 50 sit ups, a zillion push ups ...etc really overwhelmed me and made me feel as if being fit was unreachable for me.

I got the crazy idea to try to belly dancing as a means of low-impact exercise, and started learning off of YouTube videos.  Even though my family was very dismayed and not happy, I enjoyed dancing so much and how I felt like I was rediscovering the "prissy girly" part of me, that I refused to quit.

I have lost weight, grown in confidence and feel beautiful again!

Hugs and shimmies back to you! "