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Belly Talk: What Non Arab belly dancers can't do?

Too often the conversation about "authenticity" when it comes to belly dancing turns into a huge debate that sounds too closed minded or to nationalist in its nature which is the reason I try to stay away from it. Being Arab, I am usually boxed into this idea that I am supposed to cater to but I don't. I am my own woman! I have my own style and it is not purely Arab at all and I never claimed it to be.

I bring the perspective, the experience and the culture I grew up with and try to introduce non Arabs to the art as is done in the Arab countries I grew up in and visited but in no way do I claim to be authentic! I prefer fusion in many ways and I try to make my style my own. I don't fit in a box and I don't believe anyone does or should.

However, there is one thing that I believe non Arab dancers cannot interpret well when dancing.... watch the video and leave a comment . Let me know what you think.

Hugs & shimmies.

Belly dance arms combination: tribal arms and hip drops

 One more tribal arm combination! This is one of my favorite, simple, elegant and could be executed fast or slow. All up to you and of course to the music

Enjoy learning it, it should be easy and hope you have fun with it

Happy dancing!


Belly Talk: My Belly dance teacher thinks she is the best ...

Let's talk about this ... seriously!

There are so many people who are "know it all" and we all know few of them. right?

The last you want to claim is the know it all type who claims to be artistic! You can't know everything when it comes to art, you just can't. Not only that, there is no such thing as a know it all artist. If someone claims to be one, run the other direction ...

So when it comes to belly dancing, if your teacher claims to be the best and acts like a know it all, what would you do?

Giveaway winner: Tribal Drum Solo Choreography with Zoe and Issam

First, I am sorry I have not announced the contest winner earlier! The deadline was January 1st, 2015. I was out of town and with the holidays and getting back to work ... things got out of hand!

Now I am back (sort of) in the swing of things. So I searched the #freebennlydanceclasses on Facebook and it was amazing to me that some of the posts I have seen before with the hashtag are no longer visible!

Also, some of you posted the hashtag #freebellydanceclasses on their page posts as requested and others posted it in the comment section for the post I made on Facebook... I guess there was some confusion about the contest rules.

So ... I am going by #freebellydanceclasses on your Facebook posts. At least the ones that are visible to me as of today. I am pretty sure I have seen other posts with the #freebellydanceclasses that I am no longer able to see today. I heard from someone that Facebook makes posts with those hanshtags visible for a short period of time only and maybe it has passed ... Not sure but will investigate and most likely not do one of these contests again! Maybe a contest with a method that is much more reliable.

So sorry if you believe you posted a Facebook wall post with the #freebellydanceclasses and your name was not in the drawing basket.

So after I put everyone's name in the basket, the winner was .... Melinda Tobias from Seattle, WA


Please email your mailing address to and the DVD will be mailed to you

Stay tuned for the next contest

Hugs and shimmies


How to make wristbands and armbands

Mao from Sparkly Belly is  quite the talented crafty lady and she has an amazing website and You Tube channel teachging you how to make quite a few belly dance favorites from skirts to belly dance belts and now armbands and wristbands!

Check out her latest videos on armbands and wristbands here. Her website is

New tribal arms variation with an easy combination

There are so many arm combinations we could come up but I have been posting mostly Egyptian, Turkish and Lebanese combos! How about some tribal ones this time?

Check out this one from my favorite tribal dancer Rachel Brice. I love the arm structure in this combo. Not quite as stiff as most tribal dancers would execute arm movements.


Belly dance arms: rope pulling

 This is a very fun trick you can do to tease your audience as you perform.

It is best with a wavy like drum beat that counts at 2 and repeats. Every 2 counts of the vibration drum sound allows you to walk pulling the rope

Watch the video to see exactly what I am talking about! Good luck!

DVD Giveaway:Tribal Drum Solo Choreography with Zoe and Issam

It is time for another giveaway! Yay ... and what a better day to do it than Christmas day!

So I am giving away a great DVD this time, Zoe Jakes drum solo DVD with Issam Houchan

Here is the DVD, Check out the details and you will love it

How to enter?

Share the website address with any comment you like on Facebook with the hashtag #freebellydanceclasses 

Deadline Jan 1, 2015

Good luck!