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Belly dance floor work: adding the belly flutter at the end of the snake undulation

Before you watch this video, make sure you have watched the 2 videos introducing you to the floor snake undulation: how to get started and how to finish the move 

Once you complete this move, there are few things you can do from the final drop position. One of them is the belly flutter.

Again here, make sure to watch the video about how to do the belly flutter. See the videos below this video! 

Good luck! 

How to do the belly flutter

Flutter variations 

Belly dance floor work: finishing the snake undulation

I have posted a video in our series of floor work videos about the snake move otherwise known as a simple floor undulation

>>> The snake or simple floor undulation 

The previous was all about how to start this move. Now let's see how to finish this move

Watch the video for the details. Good luck!

Belly talk - is the troupe craze over?

I posted a video lately talking about the Bellydance Superstars and how I think even though it's not official, the troupe is broken off and pretty much non existent!

I do believe that the troupe craze started with the Bellydance Superstars and it is dying or almost dead as the group split and vanished.

Do you believe the troupe craze is over? What do you think is the current trend in the belly dance world?

Contest! Win Emad Sayyah's album "Lebanese Bellydance"

Our next workout is the "Lebanese Bellydance workout". The workout music is all from Emad Sayyah's album "Lebanese Bellydance".

I am giving away the entire album to 10 winners this time! YES 10 winners! 

How to win?

All you have to do is post a comment on this photo on Facebook with the link to your favorite video so far on the Free Bellydance Classes channel.

You can get to the Facebook photo by clicking here or on the photo above.

Deadline: Tuesday July 29, 2014

The workout will posted on this day!

Good luck!

Belly talk - share your belly dance story on

I shared a story awhile back ... a story of a woman's life and how it changed because of the beautiful art of belly dancing. This story was a huge inspiration to many.

Read the story here >>>

I would like to open this site to all of you who want to share their stories about how dancing in general has affected the quality of your life or any aspect of your life. I would love to see you share your story. You never know who it is going to inspire

To share your story, simply send an email to me

Looking forward to hearing from you ...

Hugs & shimmies


Belly talk: is your belly dance audience mostly male or female?

Quite often I get comments about what men's reaction to some of the moves would be ... like I care :) But then again I stop and think: who really watches my videos and most belly dance videos and shows? is it really men? do we really have to care so much about that?

Here is what I think ... What do you think?

Belly dance floor work: side plank position moves

Floor work is not limited to back bends and waves and knee work... Make sure to try different positions when you are on the floor .

One of my favorites is the side plank. There are many creative moves you can do from this position.

Check out the video for some ideas ...

Tarkan's 3 albums giveaway: the winner!

Here is the information on this contest here >>>

Here it is .... drum roll ....

The winner ....

Malika Boujnour from Algeria!

Congratulation for the great win! I know you will absolutely LOVE these albums

Please email your mailing address to tiazza@freebellydanceclasses and the albums will be mailed to you

Thank you all for participating. Stay tuned for the next contest