Bellydance combinations

Combine the basic moves you learned in the technique section to create fun combinations that you can use in any choreography

Fun workouts: cardio bellydance, ab workouts and more

Join Tiazza for fun long cardio belly dance workouts and creative ab workouts for lean abs and a strong core to improve your dance practice.

Bellydance technique: beginner, advanced, veil, Saidi, ...

Learn the step by step technique of several moves for beginners and advanced. Also, learn the technique for veil, Saidi, turns, sword dancing, floor work and more

Fun contests ... win prizes!

Enter fun contests to win bellydance items. These contests are open to anyone no matter where you are located in the world and meant to encourage you to further your practice and challenge you

Fun choreographies

Learn complete fun choreographies and their combinations step by step. Then, dance with Tiazza to fun songs from Modern Egyptian and Lebanese styles to powerful drum solos, veil dances and more.

Reviews: CDs, DVDs and more

Are you thinking about buying a new album or a DVD and not sure if you will like it or be worth your money? Check out this section for reviews first.

Belly Talk: Best dance styles to learn for Bellydancers

Most dancers try out different styles of dancing, some have a lot in common with belly dancing but some don't.

If you are trying to learn another dance style and are wondering what should you learn that would help your belly dance practice as well, then this chat might be for you :)

Let me know what you think. If you have tried other dance styles, what worked best for you that helped your belly dancing?

Share with us, we'd love to hear...

Learn to belly dance: a little brain isolation challenge

Are you bored with all you basic moves? need a little challenge?

Here is a brain isolation challenge that might drive you crazy :)

Give it a try and keep those brain cells sharp!

Good luck. Tiazza

Learn to belly dance: a fun hip kicks combination

 How about a fun hip combo? Let's try this one

This is a salsa like fun hip combo. Almost like a basic salsa step but with a bit more hip movement than salsa.

Watch the video, try it out and have fun with it

Hugs & shimmies


Learn to belly dance: walking with chest lifts and drops

 This is a fun yet challenging little exercise to keep your mind sharp!

Are you up for the challenge? Let's give it a try.

Try to keep your mind free first as you just walk, do not think about the walking task. Then start thinking only about moving your chest but never stop walking!

Hmm you think it's easy? try it!
Good luck!

Learn to belly dance: are you holding your breath when you are dancing?

Many beginners struggle focusing on the moves themselves in the beginning steps of learning the art of belly dancing.

One of the most common mistakes is not breathing or holding one's breath as your mind focuses on the moves.

Yet we all know that breathing is key for muscle control and execution of the moves.

So how do you know if you are holding your breath? How to remedy the situation?

Belly Talk: belly dance certificates

Certificates seem to the be the "next thing" for many retired performers from Ansuya to Rachel Brice. The idea of "cashing in" on the fame and the talent as the ultimate finale of one's performance life is definitely IN.

But are these programs worth it?

Let's chat and comment below to let me know what you think

How to make appliques for belly dance costumes

Appliques are usually pieces of ornamented fabric that you can attach to your clothes, bags etc. For belly dance costumes, beaded appliques are used often, and placing a few appliques on the costume bra and belt or skirt gives the whole costume a uniform and balanced look.

This video was inspired by a long thread about how to make appliques on the belly dance forumBhuz, and it was specifically about what to use as a base for making appliques. I had the same question before, and I thought to share what I learned and decided to use in my applique making. :)

So in this video, you will see 3 ways of making beaded appliques for your belly dance costume.

Another Rachel Brice belly dance arm combination with head frames

 Rachel Brice is a favorite of many. Her unique and sensual style is captivating but what also makes her an icon is her uniqueness. Her signature moves have been copied by many and so are her signature combos.

I have shared my favorite combo by Rachel Brice with you before and here is another one of my favorites here .